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Quiz Night......


Steve Kirwan and Loganberry trustee Viv Slayford invite you to test your knowledge at a Quiz Night on Friday 5th October 7:30 p.m. at Swindon Rugby Club, Greenbridge Road, Swindon. £5.00 per person  entry fee which includes a curry at half-time. Maximum of 6 people per team. 



Fantasy Radio FM speaks with The Loganberry Trust......




On Wednesday 19th September Loganberry Trustee Des Morgan will be interviewed on Fantasy Radion FM which is a community radio station based in Devizes.


Des will be promoting the PSA testing session being held in Devizes on Saturday 29th September and you can hear the interview live by tuning your radio to 97FM.  Alternatively listen online via the Fantasy FM website, just click the Listen button in the top right hand corner of any page of the Fantsay FM website to launch Radioplayer.


You can also download the Radioplayer app for Google Chrome - just search for Fantasy Radio, and make sure you add Fantasy FM as your favourite station!



GCS Team continue support for The Loganberry Trust.......


Everyone at The Loganberry Trust would like to say a big thank you to David Bloxham and everyone at GCS Recruitment. the company where Kevin worked, for their hard work in raising over £6,000 for The Loganberry Trust. If he was here when David made the presentation there would have been tears!


This donation will help us at The Loganberry Trust to continue Kevin’s work - Saving men’s lives.


Thank you so much



Pictures - David Bloxham, GCS making the presentation to Viv Slayford, Loganberry Trust



Blood test for prostate cancer could eliminate the need for almost half of biopsies........

A blood test for prostate cancer could eliminate the need for almost half of biopsies, scientists have claimed.

Able to better distinguish between slow-growing and aggressive cancer, it removes the doubt which forces many men to undergo a painful biopsy.


US researchers have come up with the potential replacement for the unreliable PSA blood test currently used to test men in the UK. 


Current PSA tests can be wrong three out of four times, as the raised levels of PSA protein it detects can also mean an enlarged prostate or slow-growing – and low-risk – cancer.


The new test picks up proteins similar to PSA which have been altered by cancer.  In two trials with 384 men, it prevented up to 47 per cent of biopsies which would have been needed after a PSA test.


These blood test for prostate cancer could eliminate the need for almost half of biopsies which are used to confirm a prostate cancer diagnosis, but cause pain, bleeding and a raised risk of blood infections.


The current recommended test for prostate cancer is a PSA test followed by an MRI scan, although the scan is not yet available in every part of Britain.


Dr Eric Klein of Cleveland Clinic, who led the trials presented at an American Urological Association conference, said: ‘This is an advance over existing tests and our ability to accurately predict the presence of higher-grade cancers so that we can avoid biopsies in men at lower risk.’


And Dr Iain Frame, director of research at Prostate Cancer UK, said: ‘These results are a promising step forward but it’s a small-scale study and we’d need to see the test used on many more men before any conclusions can be made.’


Source: Daily Mail 19 My 2018

Update on Chris Blake

Chris Blake sentThe Loganberry Trust an update on his situation following his PSA test and this is what he wrote:


"I thought I would drop you a line to say that although I have been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic Leukemia it is at stage one. As such it is a question of no treatment necessary and I am on three monthly blood tests. This could well last for the next twenty years. To say that my wife and I are relieved is an understatement. However I am very thankful that I took advantage of the PSA blood test offered by the Loganberry Trust and will continue to recommend my friends to use the PSA blood test offered by the trust".


We wish Chris and his wife all the very best. 


Chris Blake's moving story

Chippenham resident Chris Blake and his wife are regular listeners to BBC Radio Wiltshire and in particular the Breakfast show; after all, what better way to start your morning than with a cup of tea and Ben Prater’s Breakfast show...


In 2016 Ben ran a special story featuring the formation of The Loganberry Trust and telling viewers of a PSA testing session being held at the Masonic Hall in Chippenham.  Chris and his wife ‘heard the plug’ and decided to take the plunge and visit the Open Day.


Chris’s blood test was sent to the laboratory where it was analysed and the results reviewed by a Consultant Urologist.  The PSA figure was unusually high and on receipt of letter from the Urologist, Chris mad an appointment to see his GP.


Read Chris's story by clicking on this link to the NEWS page


If you have a story about your experience with The Loganberry Trust we would be pleased to hear from you.


Prime Minister pledges £75million

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a £75million five year campaign to beat prostate cancer.  In a major initiative designed to save thousands of lives, she has promised spending of £15m per year for the next five years to help identify the disease and improve treatment regimes.



Charity Beer Tasting 


Tickets £10 each to include a flight of three beers and a donation to the Trust. Further beer flights can be bought for £5 each.

Raffle (£1 a ticket) to win a Westvleteren Gift Pack worth £90.

(limited numbers available each day).



Please come and support this worthwhile cause. And enjoy some excellent Belgian beers at the same time!


Saturday 5 Sunday 6 Monday 7 May 11:00-4:00 pm


The Moreton Beer Cella, 8 Old market Way, Moreton in the Marsh, GL56 0AJ

Popular Classic FM presenter Bill Turnbull has 'incurable' Prostate Cancer

Turnbull, who began his broadcasting career in 1978, is best-known for his 15-year stint on BBC Breakfast alongside Louise Minchin until 2016.


The former BBC Breakfast host, 62, was diagnosed months ago after aches and pains that he put down to 'old age' were no longer being alleviated with pills. Specialists have since found the cancer has spread to the bone, although he has been given between 10 and 18 years to live. The father of three, now a Classic FM presenter, spoke out to encourage others to get tested for prostate cancer, saying that if he'd sought help earlier 'I'd be in a much better state'.



PSA Testing




You might be surprised just how many men have not taken a PSA test



Freemasons support




The Loganberry Trust is grateful for the support given by Wiltshire Freemasons





Now's the time to support Charley and Curtis as they cycle through India for The Loganberry Trust




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Chippenham hosts PSA testing

28th April 2018





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